I am Farahan.NK, a performance marketing strategist based in Kerala who focuses on helping small and large scale businesses achieve maximum online advantages through optimized strategies. As a certified digital marketer, I can provide your company with services including web design, content marketing, SEO,SEM,web development, SMM, and social media management. I can use online platforms to solve your complex digital problems. I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce. And I’m confident that I can assist you in locating the performance marketing strategists that are essential to your company’s requirements so that we may together explore the world of virtual marketing.

performance marketing strategist

my performence marketing SERVICES

performance marketing strategist in kerala


As a performance marketing strategist, I specialize in enhancing your online presence and driving valuable results. Through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO),i can rank your website higher.

performance marketing strategist in kerala


as a Performance Marketing Strategist. I specialize in supercharging your online presence through savvy strategies that boost engagement and drive results. Using data-driven techniques


As a skilled Digital Marketing Strategist, I specialize in crafting effective content that speaks directly to your audience. From engaging blog posts to captivating social media updates

performance marketing strategist in kerala

whatsapp marketing

as your dedicated WhatsApp marketing partner. I’ll help you boost your brand’s visibility and drive results. Let’s take your business to the next level through effective and personalized WhatsApp marketing.


I can assure you of the dedicated advertising methods that help you reach the maximum marketing potential through your frequent online presence, and I can boost your brand awareness 


Increase your business’s growth using the power of Performance Marketing. I can help you maximize conversions and supercharge your online presence.    

Why choose me as your performance marketing strategist?

performance marketing strategist
  • Increase your brand’s visibility through optimized marketing strategies.
  • Level up your online presence through proper systemic social media management.
  • Boost your digital presence with the best web site development strategies.
  • Reach out to your brand’s correct target audience.
  • make more conversions and more sales.
  • Increase your brand’s awareness through performance marketing strategies.
  • You can achieve your best market results with strategic performance marketing strategies.

Working with Farhan.nk was interesting for our class project. Their expertise in digital marketing and performance marketing strategies took our campaign to new heights, resulting in increased insights and increased conversion rates.


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Farhan.nk, a performance marketing strategist, is a true visionary in the digital marketing world. His innovative ideas and systemized approach helped our team level up wide online visibility, attracting a wider audience and boosting growth for our brand.


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I highly recommend Farhan.nk; he worked with me. He has a clear vision about digital marketing, and he is highly talented as a performance marketing strategist. He helped many associates . You can achieve success in digital marketing with him.

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faqs about performance marketing

what is performance marketing ?

Performance marketing refers to a comprehensive online marketing strategy that focuses on measuring and optimizing campaigns based on their performance and specific key performance indicators (KPIs).

what are the benefits of performance marketing ?

1. Targeted Precision: A performance marketing strategist leverages data-driven insights to precisely target the most relevant audience segments, boosting the likelihood of conversions.

2. Cost-Efficient Campaigns: Through continuous analysis and optimization, a performance marketing strategist ensures that every advertising dollar is spent efficiently, maximizing ROI.

3. Real-Time Adaptation: A performance marketing strategist can quickly adapt strategies based on real-time data, responding to market changes and consumer behavior for optimal campaign performance.

4. Clear ROI Tracking:With the expertise of a performance marketing strategist, businesses can accurately measure the return on investment for each campaign, demonstrating the direct impact on the bottom line.

5. Enhanced Customer Insights: By interpreting user interactions and engagement, a performance marketing strategist provides valuable insights into customer preferences, driving informed decision-making for future campaigns.

who is a performance marketing strategist ?

A performance marketing strategist is a professional who specializes in creating and executing data-driven digital marketing strategies with a strong emphasis on achieving measurable results.

what are the responsibilities of a performance of performance marketing strategist ?

1. Campaign Planning: A performance marketing strategist designs targeted digital campaigns to meet specific business objectives, leveraging data for precision.

2. Data Analysis:They analyze performance metrics across platforms, using insights to refine strategies and enhance ROI as a performance marketing strategist.

3. Optimization Tactics: Utilizing A/B tests and continuous monitoring, a performance marketing strategist fine-tunes ads, keywords, and targeting for optimal results.

4. Budget Management: Managing ad spend effectively, a performance marketing strategist allocates resources to maximize conversions and minimize wastage.

5. Reporting and Insights:As a performance marketing strategist, they generate detailed reports, providing actionable insights to stakeholders and driving data-backed decisions.

what is the importance of performance marketing ?

The role of a performance marketing strategist is of paramount importance in the modern digital landscape. Their expertise in crafting and optimizing data-backed strategies ensures that businesses achieve tangible results, driving conversions and maximizing ROI. By meticulously analyzing real-time data, a performance marketing strategist refines campaigns, adapts to market dynamics, and identifies growth opportunities. In a world where every marketing dollar counts, their skillset becomes a guiding compass, steering companies toward efficient and effective digital success.

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